Out on a Limb Apple CSA

About the CSA: Started in 2009, we are now in our second year of distributing historic and unusual modern varieties of apples from several orchards in central Maine to consumers in the Portland area. Each share costs $120 and will include 30-40 varieties of rare, interesting and highly flavored apples over the course of the season with a wide range of uses, appearances, histories and tastes. At each pick-up you will receive at least 1/4 bushel (approx. 10 lbs) including both dessert (fresh-eating) and culinary apples (and we will make sure you have enough of the culinary varieties to cook something with them). Additionally, with every pick-up you will receive a newsletter with descriptions, history, tidbits and lore about each variety, as well as recipes and ideas for how best to use them. Some varieties will be organically grown, others IPM (integrated pest management) or conventionally grown.

How to Sign Up: ***We are now full for 2010! If you are interested, please email about our waiting list for next year!***

Shares will be limited. Checks should be made out to Out on a Limb and mailed to 167 Turner Mill Pond Rd, Palermo ME 04354. Please include your name, snail mail address, phone # and email address with your check. Payment should be made prior to the first pick-up. Pick-ups will be from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm every other Wednesday (September 1st, 15th, 29th, October 13th, 27th, and November 10th) at Rabelais Bookstore, Middle St. in Portland. If you cannot pickup on Wednesday, your share will be held at Rabelais until 5pm Thursday, then donated to a local restaurant.